Thursday, January 15, 2009

the Dorms

Well i currently live in 3x5 cubicle called a dorm. Now most people just say oh a dorm i lived in those when i was in college there not that bad well you didnt live in my dorm. First off its smaller than every other college dorm in the country!!! well that is not fact but it must be true (my mom will attest to this!). Second off you dont have my dorm dad!!! I have been fined once for walking out the side door at 10:00 wow honeslty? I also have been warned about 56 other times about playing my guitar too loud! That wouldn't bug me that much if I didnt pay for the mans salary!! We are overcharged because yes i live in Hawaii. This is usually the time people tell me to suck it up because i live in Hawaii well trust me i love it here but my room literally almost drives me crazy!! We have metal desks, metal closets, metal night stands and barely room for a chair. Oh our beds metal framed with metal drawers. These all go back to about 1960!!! When my parents came to this school haha jk there not that old!! lol just my dad... haha sorry dad. But besides my room Hawaii is amazing and the waves are huge and no i dont surf yet because i play golf and i cant get hurt i know it sucks...


  1. Uh hello when did you start a blog....we love you!!

  2. Well it could be could be in my old dorm room. haha Love you

  3. um mom i am in your old dorm room pretty much....

    and taren idk i just did it lol love you to