Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boredom at its finest

So lately i have been putting in my hallway a lot. My friend Marcus is from Seatle Washington area and has never played golf before. One day before one of our Matches i get him to putt with me back and forth. He loves it now and its like his favorite thing to do when he gets bored which is often because his girlfriend is back home so he does nothing all day but study!!! What a nerd!!! lol So today i walk into my room only to find my putter is gone!! Five minutes later he walks in with it and tells me when he gets back from his mission he wants to play golf here. LOL He has never played more than two holes of golf and now i got him addicted for life. He is the one to bug me to putt now but i dont want to because i just want to sit and watch LOST the best show ever. I am two season behind now it was Five. I wish i could watch top gear out here no where on line can i find full episodes so if anyone wants to let me know of one i would greatly appreciate it.

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