Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Mission Call

I was on the golf course (of course) when i got the text message from my mother.
"Guess what i got today" my mother sent

"my call?????"

i could not believe i have been waiting for this moment my entire life. I never thought it would come and when it did i was way to excited to know what to do. My teammate mike wanted to hit some golf balls but i told him were going back to the DORMS cause i am getting my call today.


Did i want to open it myself or did i want my parents to mail it to me. I went back and forth for about 15 minutes but i knew that i could simply not wait any longer. I had to have it today.

When i got back i called a few people because i didn't want it to be a big deal. We had to wait forever for Kiley to get out of conference it seriously felt like an eternity.

Finally the moment arrived and i started to read the letter but as soon as i got to where i was suppose to go serve i couldn't read it. Not because it was difficult to say but because we scanned
it and the letters were not all there but then i saw it SALT LAKE CITY MISSION. i was stunned needless to say.

I could not believe that I Matthew Hunt was called to Salt Lake City. At first i was disappointed. Then after that and some great phone calls from friends and family i quickly realized that is where the Lord wants me to be so that is where i will go. I am now humbled to have this great experience to represent the Lord our Savior and my Church.

I report July 8th, I simply cannot wait to serve in Salt Lake City

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My bday

So my birthday was last week and it was not the same as back home. I ate subway which is good but not as good as El Pueblo or Tonys. Grandma sent me a great package!!!! Mom and Dad did the best they could to make sure i had a great day. But the it didnt start out great. I had a match against HPU and there is a guy on their team who is 30!!! atleast we always wonder if he is on the 15 year college program!! He is the slowest player in the world!! The part about it is that he always tell us to pick up the pace because we are falling behind when in fact it is all his fault!! But it was my bday so i think the lord played a card in it when he told us to pick up the pace and i was about to flip out on him but he flipped out on himself! He made a 8 on 14 and then couldnt finish strong and he lost it for their team. I struggled to and 81 on my bday but i just couldnt putt but seeing him yell at himself and swear at himself should not make me happy but it did.... i am sorry i am working on my faults before my mission. Overall my birthday was great and being 19 is weird because i am old!!!!

Boredom at its finest

So lately i have been putting in my hallway a lot. My friend Marcus is from Seatle Washington area and has never played golf before. One day before one of our Matches i get him to putt with me back and forth. He loves it now and its like his favorite thing to do when he gets bored which is often because his girlfriend is back home so he does nothing all day but study!!! What a nerd!!! lol So today i walk into my room only to find my putter is gone!! Five minutes later he walks in with it and tells me when he gets back from his mission he wants to play golf here. LOL He has never played more than two holes of golf and now i got him addicted for life. He is the one to bug me to putt now but i dont want to because i just want to sit and watch LOST the best show ever. I am two season behind now it was Five. I wish i could watch top gear out here no where on line can i find full episodes so if anyone wants to let me know of one i would greatly appreciate it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the Dorms

Well i currently live in 3x5 cubicle called a dorm. Now most people just say oh a dorm i lived in those when i was in college there not that bad well you didnt live in my dorm. First off its smaller than every other college dorm in the country!!! well that is not fact but it must be true (my mom will attest to this!). Second off you dont have my dorm dad!!! I have been fined once for walking out the side door at 10:00 wow honeslty? I also have been warned about 56 other times about playing my guitar too loud! That wouldn't bug me that much if I didnt pay for the mans salary!! We are overcharged because yes i live in Hawaii. This is usually the time people tell me to suck it up because i live in Hawaii well trust me i love it here but my room literally almost drives me crazy!! We have metal desks, metal closets, metal night stands and barely room for a chair. Oh our beds metal framed with metal drawers. These all go back to about 1960!!! When my parents came to this school haha jk there not that old!! lol just my dad... haha sorry dad. But besides my room Hawaii is amazing and the waves are huge and no i dont surf yet because i play golf and i cant get hurt i know it sucks...